Wednesday, April 24, 2013

George Beverly Shea

For 70 years Bev Shea sang with the Billy Graham Crusades
and meetings.  Back in the1960's I met and became friends with
Bev's niece who was a Shea. Back then the Crusades were
well known with thousands attending and hundreds coming
to Christ in every meeting. I was living in New York City
at the time so imagine my surprise when a phone call to Eila
was answered by a deep male voice:
"Shea's water works, which drip please!"

George Beverly Shea died a few weeks ago at the ripe old age
of 104. His niece sent me the website of the funeral service.
Cliff Barrows who directed the choir at the Crusades spoke,
and Billy Graham was there in a wheel chair. I was moved
by the passing of a generation. Other emotions crowded in.
It is well worth your while to watch at least a portion of the
funeral service:  (you will have to copy and paste.)

A beloved song from 1983--The Love of God

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