Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Invisible Revealed

I prayed to see the invisible through the visible.

Yesterday was a day of heavy rain and strong winds and I was
out in order to keep an appointment on the other side of the city.
Traffic was heavy, traffic lights were out, and driving was difficult, 
but I barely got wet, did not have a problem with falling branches
though I saw plenty of them on the ground just off the highway.
The power of God was evidenced in the storm, both in the wind
and in the rain as well as in His protection. The point is that I 
recognized it and was grateful.

This morning I opened the blinds and was struck by what I saw.
The sky across the lake was dark with clouds; the sun was shinning
in gold glory upon the houses against the sky. What a picture of God’s
beauty in the aftermath of chaos!

Papa, How swiftly you answered my prayer to see You in the visible
things around me. You highlighted Your handiwork through the storm 
and the beauty of the sunrise. How grateful I am that I got up early 
enough today to see the sunrise. Thank You for the show!

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