Monday, September 17, 2012


Paul goes on in chapter three of Colossians:
If then--see verse 12 in chapter three--you have been raised with Christ,  
seek the things that are above, not the things on the earth.”

As I was reading this first verse I found two things jumping out at me: “If then,”
and “seek.” I went back into chapter two to see what Paul was referring to 
and found those verses that thrill my heart so. Regarding the word, seek, I
often do the opposite and seek the things on earth like, food, friendship, 
starbucks, money, or whatever, as a substitute for Him. Why do I do this after 
all He has accomplished for me and in me? Well, “above” is invisible. Secondly,
I am uncomfortable as I view my own failures and foolishness down here in
light of God’s immensity, purity, and glory. When I meditate on me instead of
on Him, He feels distant; I stop pondering who I am in Him. Personally, I find
that I have to sit with Him, worship Him--music helps--, read scripture and be in 
fellowship with other Believers. Is that not seeking the things above? 

Papa, Thank you for the reminder today not only of what You have done for
me in raising me up with Christ into the heavenlies, but also, how I lose contact
with this reality if I do not seek you regularly. Relationship with You demands 
that I show up now and again!  Well, Amen.

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