Wednesday, September 12, 2012


In the last blog on Colossians, we heard, felt, saw, something really 
tremendous. It was like the crashing of a wave on the beach at high
tide, or the climax of an orchestra piece with the rolling of drums
and the clashing of cymbals. Listen to the music:”

“Christ utterly wiped out the damning evidence of the law...
Completely annulled it
Nailed it to the cross.  

He drew the sting of all the powers raged against us,
He exposed them as
In his final, glorious, triumphant act!  (Col. 2:14,15; JB Phillips)”

Then silence

Like a wave that crests and then retreats, Paul goes on and I 
paraphrase his thoughts:

“Well, if this is true, why do I get bent out of shape over the small
stuff people judge me on--like what I eat, whether I eat or fast, what
I drink, whether I am in church every time the door opens. When,
REALLY, it all about Christ.” (Col. 2:16,17)

Papa, I stand amazed at how easily I am drawn away from the simplicity
of Christ. I get caught up in what people think about me and thus I become
the center of my life.  I need your help here. I want to focus on what Your 
Son has accomplished for me in those hours he hung upon the cross.

See my new story:

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