Monday, September 24, 2012

Hidden With Christ

“ have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”
Col 3:4

(I can't do on without looking at this again. And, yes, it may look
like the same thing all over again, but it keeps getting bigger!)

“I died, I'm dead, but I live.” 

The paradoxes can give me whip lash. How do I live if I am dead? 
My life, your life, dear Believer, is hidden with Christ. That puts us 
into a different realm, does it not? The real me, my true identity, 
not necessarily what people see, is hidden with Christ who dwells in 
another realm--an invisible realm. So, regardless of what happens 
here on earth, whether I recognize it or not, I am safe. Men can kill 
my body, but they can’t touch my soul.

Papa, It is a very strange thing to live in more than one realm at the
same time, especially when that “other realm” is invisible. It truly 
blows my mind at what I see in the scripture today. Dead, but alive,
not only alive, but dwelling in another dimension. I draw on You 
today that I may begin to grasp the truth. If I can just grasp it, this
truth will set me free.

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