Friday, September 28, 2012

The Flesh is Fixed in Stone

As a repeat from yesterday, a Christian does not have two natures.
This teaching actually is a reflection of Buddhism, typified in the 
ying and yang. The old nature has no power so Christ in me is
not battling the old nature. A believer’s old nature, the inherited 
life of Adam, IS DEAD, and the believer now has only one life within, 
the life of Christ. So why do I struggle so?

As I grew up I developed flesh patterns to make life work. I wanted
to be liked; I wanted to be safe; I wanted to feel good; I wanted things 
my way! I can’t change my flesh patterns by trying harder, reading 
“how to books” or listening to sermons telling me to do this or that program
in order to be good, or pleasing to God. When I stop dwelling in the Vine, 
I start using the patterns I have always used in order to feel better. The
flesh is fixed in stone. The Apostle Paul, the greatest Christian who has
ever lived put it this way: “In my flesh dwells no good thing.”

My Papa God knows what my default system is. He understands how my
flesh patterns grew and why I go there. He is not displeased by my flesh, but 
leaves it there so I will turn to Him and snuggle. I hate the feelings of 
vulnerability and failure. I want to stay hidden, strong and independent.
Here is the struggle for the believer: Keep going, push on, just do it, or
give up, surrender, and come back to the One who is Life. His is the
only Life within and without Him we can do NOTHING!

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