Saturday, June 23, 2012

United Canceled the Flight!

The boarding pass had been printed, the bags were packed, the
alarm was set and we were fast asleep. Suddenly my cell phone
rang at 1AM, not once but twice,-- so I turned the phone off and went back 
to sleep. At 5AM I checked the messages. Our flight out of DC had
been canceled. No explanation, no “I’m sorry,” only a thank you for
choosing United. Hmmm. Wide awake by now we called United and
waited 30 minutes for a person to pick up. I had been rescheduled
for the same flight on Sunday only now I was seated in the very last row. 
I tried to get something going out today to no avail then asked if something
could be done about the seat. Immediately I was placed in the front of 
the coach section on both flights. Thank you, Papa!
So, what to do with a whole unplanned day? We started with breakfast
out at 7AM, then visited a couple of garden shops for replacement plants for 
the garden; came home and planted the new flowers. The heat has 
broken and so has the humidity. It is a gorgeous day and I am grateful
to God for His plans and for the grace to roll with them. I am so full
of joy as I wait to see what He has planned for me-- tomorrow.

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