Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Personal Encounter with Grace

Well, I said that it was going to be a Michael Wells week but God
had other plans about what I was to write. I  went to post something 
and then erased it.
I heard a definition of Grace as being: “God’s riches at Christ’s 
expense.” This is certainly true but it does not nearly catch the
riches available to us. Grace is not just manifested at salvation but it
enfolds all of a Christian’s life. 
On Monday I was walking over to a neighbor’s house for a visit
and passed a house where the owner, whom I had never met,
 was carrying a puppy down the steps into her backyard. 
I stopped to chat across her fence and discovered that her pup
 was very ill. I volunteered to pray for the dog and she readily 
accepted my offer. God has healed two of our dogs, both of whom
had terminal illnesses, so I felt confident that God could heal a 
third dog. I stayed and chatted for a bit and the woman shared
some of her story and at the end she told me how that morning
she had dug out her Bible and talked to God--”I didn’t pray,” she 
carefully explained. “I told Him that I felt like I was only a grain 
of sand to Him and I needed Him to show me something--SOON!”
She then told me that she picked up her sleeping dog to take him
outside and I walked up to her fence--the rest is history. 
Now when I woke that morning I had a thought that I should visit
my neighbor. The morning quickly disappeared and toward the end
of the morning I began to think about visiting in the afternoon. But,
there was a “check” or something and I began to get ready to leave
the house. Things came up and it was after 11:30 before I headed
out, in obedience to God, but without a clue that I was being obedient.
Yes, dear reader, GRACE enfolds all of life!

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