Saturday, June 2, 2012

Financial Peace

Sunday is our final class at Financial Peace University. As in 
most things we have looked at money from different perspectives.
Glen’s view has been, “If you have it spend it,” while my view
has been to “Save for a rainy day.” You can see that these two 
views have spawned some interesting discussions. We have tried 
a number of courses and financial advisors but in each case
have come away disappointed in the application part. Last 
January we heard about Dave Ramsey and found his Video
Course at a church nearby so we signed up. Dave is a man 
who knows what debt and bankruptcy is like--not to mention
poverty. However, out of this pain came principles that have 
kept his family solvent and which Dave has passed on to many 
who have also seen their finances also turn around. He is practical
and his plan is simple--besides, he is very funny! Sometimes
humor is the best way to talk about MONEY. Glen and I now
have a foundation from which to make financial decisions and
are on the same page. Glory to God! We are grateful that our God
is a God who is available to help in all areas of life.

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