Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Week with Michael Wells: Grace

...He gives grace to the afflicted. Proverbs 3:34
“There is much written about grace today. Not that my two cents
amounts to much, but I wanted to give my definition of grace. It need
not be preached but it has been proven through experience by many
Grace: At my point of need, God is everything to me that I thought
He was not!
Moses had spent forty years being trained to be everything being a 
young man of the royal family; he was equipped to be a god, a
Pharaoh. He spent another forty years in the wilderness discovering
what he was not. Finally, he was prepared to lead, having realized
that he was a “not.” God told him what to go do, and Moses accurately
responded, “I am not able.” God’s response was, “What is that to Me?
I AM!”
God is all that I am not. First I must acknowledge that I am a “not.”
Next, He tells me what He is, which includes everything to me of 
which I might have need that I am not!. I am not a good father, a
good husband, a good Christian, or a good witness! This is my point
of need. Grace comes and meets me at my point of need! I did not
think He could be those things to me. However, as I recognize
abiding, He is all that I thought that He was not. There is a life in me,
His life, that is a good father, husband, and witness, and He is everything
to me that I am not.
Look at what you are not. Do not determine to work harder, but call on 
the grace of God. At your point of need, He is everything to you that you
thought He was not.
From: My Weakness for His Strength, Volume One
page 197

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