Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paul Writes a Letter

The church in Galatia is made up of gentiles in four cities: 
Antioch of Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra, and Derb. Acts 13 and 14 
tells the story of howPaul entered each city; how he was treated 
by his fellow Jews; how he was received by the poor and illiterate 
many of whom were slaves. He never spent more than four months 
in each place where he taught a group of people who knew nothing 
of God’s history with the Jews. Think about it! Paul barely had four 
months to share truth with these brand new babies, and then he left--
for two years. If that wasn’t bad enough, during Paul’s absence 
a man came from Jerusalem to each city. This man with credentials,  
charisma and many persuasive words told the Believers that Paul 
had not given them the whole Gospel. They were told that in order 
to be completely saved you had to be circumcised and you had 
to keep all 633 laws.
Imagine Paul’s anguish when he heard what was going on--and, 
no one was there who could defend him or the Gospel. How could
the message he had given them remain?  What would become of
this little body of Believers. Paul had no way to get to them.

Paul writes a letter...

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