Monday, July 9, 2012

"The Place"

Two weeks have passed and I am back in Virginia. It seems like a dream.
So fast. Where did the time go? I want to introduce you to "The Place."

Glen's parents had lived in Weiser Idaho for most of Glen's life but in
1968 they bought some property outside of town on the Snake
River, and they put a double wide trailer over a hole that became the
basement. Glen and I married in 1970 and I first visited "The Place"
Christmas of 1971. That was the beginning of my love relationship
with both the house and the town which still counts 5,000 residents--
though not the all same people! It is a farming community where
family values stand and where there is a church on almost every corner.

We brought both of our children to Weiser as infants. (Now my grandson is
crawling down the very same set of stairs.) As they grew up cousins arrived
and everyone came together around the 4th of July for food, fun, and our own
fire works. Our kids spent two summers with their grandparents during the
transition times of changing military bases.

In the early years it was all about the children. They have all grown up now,
and scattered. Glen's Dad died 22 years ago and since then it has been about
helping Glen's Mom, Ruth, stay on this beautiful piece of property. Her four
sons and there wives come together around the 4th of July with tools in hand
to prune bushes and trees, dig up things to replant, clean out the concrete pond,
so it can be filled with clean water, and get rid of "stuff" that has collected in the
garage and the red barn. Ruth at 88 still runs the show and can be seen out
in the yard encouraging and even working alongside her kids. When the 4th of
July arrives that work stops and the center moves toward a huge family picnic
out on the deck under trees that started out so very small.  It was and is, our home.

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