Monday, July 16, 2012

The House Next Door

More on our time in Idaho:
The house next door to Ruth’s house is for sale.
We call the owner and troop over to see the house. Glen is quiet, the kids 
and I are excited. We walk into a sweet refurbished kitchen and then into 
the living area. I love the look and feel of the house and, compared to 
Northern Virginia, it is a very inexpensive house to live in as it can be 
heated with wood in the winter, and needs little air conditioning in the summer, 
not to mention the low property taxes. It would be a delightful place to live! We 
can see the Snake river from the second story back deck which could be glassed in.
So what is the problem? My husband is not interested in moving back to Weiser
right now; he is not finished with his career; he is content with the way things are. 
I am the one who is restless.
For two days I plotted the move: where to place my furniture, how to make all of 
this happen-- but I did not call the realtor...
On the third day I surrendered:  
“What is your will, Papa?”
The most beautiful thing happened at this point. I “saw” that God knew the
deep desires of my heart and that He could meet them at any time. It is nothing for 
Him to do so. I have been looking for a “home” since leaving my childhood behind
at age 18. (First it was school, then apartments, then the military.)
A song rises in my heart:
“This world is not my home I’m just a passin’ through,
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue...”  
I can wait...I am, even now, at home in Him!
( I shared my love for Weiser, Idaho in a blog called, “The Place.”)

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