Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Extraordinary Ordinary Day!

My United flight was canceled and I was rescheduled for the next day.
Hum. Wonder what God was up to?
When I got to the gate I found myself seated next to a woman who 
looked as if she might be from Idaho rather than DC or Chicago. I 
introduced myself and we started to talk. Not only was this stranger
from Idaho but she grew up in Weiser and had Glen’s parents as her
principal and librarian in Junior High School!  Karen knew Glen’s brothers. 
Now how could something like this "just happen?”
On the trip from DC to Chicago there was a  passenger in the middle 
seat next to me. He was a seven year old Chinese boy who was going 
to pick up his plane to China in Chicago. This wiggly talkative young boy 
was flying to China ALONE--and not for the first time,either, although 
I think his older brother was with him the previous summer. 
He had an 18 hour flight ahead of him.
I listened to him chatter:
“I can speak chinese clearly and with the correct pronunciation.” he
said proudly, “My classmates are stupid.”
I wondered, “What does he know about Jesus?”
The only thing I could think of was to sing him a song:
“Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak but He is strong.” etc.
When I began to sing about Jesus the boy’s eyes became
wide, but when I finished he said with an emphatic tone,
“Jesus is old and weak!”
I wish I had thought to ask him how he knew this, but 
I was so taken aback by his response I was speechless.
My ordinary travel day became an extraordinary day
very quickly. I had anticipated that God had something
in store for me as He had “gone out of His way” to inconvenience
a whole bunch of people! Evidently a problem in Atlanta 
had disrupted a number of flights. I wonder how many
of the passengers considered that God was in the mix?

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