Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lost and Found and Lost Again

“Jesus makes an appeal to follow Him on the assumption that what
people are really looking for is rest. He knew that the crowds around
Him were “weary and heavy-laden” (Matthew 11:28).
As we look around us we find many who appear to carry heavy loads.
Each morning they have put on invisible backpacks, filled with weights
bearing different names, such as Husband, Wife, Children, Job, 
Finances, and so on--making up the loads that they must bear...
Our feeling as a new Believer is that if Jesus could forgive us, then 
He can do anything...A new Christian is so full of faith. His life can be
likened to a honey-moon; all he cares about is pleasing his Savior. 
The terms work and do never enter his vocabulary for all he is 
commanded takes place naturally out of love, with no effort involved.”
So, what happens?  He finds himself lost again.
Excerpts from Sidetracked in the Wilderness by Michael Wells

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