Monday, March 12, 2012

Broken Hearts

I have a few friends--actually quite a number--who are walking 
through unimaginable pain. So deep is the current valley of darkness 
that not a glimmer of light can be seen. The rain descends so thickly 
that the next step is blotted out; the wind howls through the canyon 
and the water is rising. Where does one go when life shatters?
Ah, but there is a cleft in the wall and a ledge beneath an overhang
 of rock jutting out of the canyon wall. One has to reach out and 
feel around to find the shelter from the storm. There is a place 
to sit and at the very back of the little cave, a meal of bread and wine. 
It is a safe place to hide. It is a teeth gritting time to speak the truth:
The Lord IS my Shepherd
I shall not want.
Even when I walk through the valley
Of deepest darkness, of wind and rain,
I will NOT dwell on evil outcomes.
I will NOT allow fear to over take me.
For You are with me--even now.
Your rod will defeat my enemy who 
Is saying to me, “Where is your God?”
Your staff will lift me up
And I will partake of the table set before me.
Your love, Your mercy and Your grace
(which are invisible to me right now)
Will follow me as I walk through the valley.
I am not alone.
Here I stand!

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