Friday, March 23, 2012

The Christian Experience--Part Two

“Still suffering under the delusion that knowledge is the answer 
and the veiled promise that when one moves he will leave all 
problems behind and start over again, I decided to attend 
Bible college and then graduate school, where the emphasis 
was really quite simple: Success rested on my intellect, ability, 
talents, and appearance. If all of these could be perfected 
in some measure, I would be a success--I would be acceptable 
to God and to His people. How I envied the student or professor 
who could preach from the original Greek text. If only I had the ability
 to speak, to be witty, to be clever; if I could just sing or play an instrument, 
then I would be living the abundant life! Maybe if I could memorize
the whole Bible as some had, ask the audience to pick a Scripture verse, 
and then quote the one before it and the one after it--yes, then I would 
have arrived...Little did I know that I was looking for something seen, 
something of this world, something that did not require faith, some type 
of magic formula to deliver me from myself and others from the same 
state of defeat.”
Excerpts from Sidetracked in the Wilderness by Michael Wells

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