Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Christian Experience--Part One

...“My fall to the life of defeat that I lived for the next nine years took a 
relatively short time. Soon prayer had become a struggle, Scripture 
had lost its attraction, unconquerable sins appeared on all sides, 
and the emotional awareness of God had disappeared. 
I coped in various ways. I read self-help books and how-to books 
which all promised to give me one time relief. Those how-to books 
eloquently described my condition but sent me away powerless 
to escape. The more I read the more angry and depressed I became. 
They told me of the great example of Jesus, how He prayed, fasted, 
helped others, worshiped, was devout, fed the hungry, and loved--
and then they told me to imitate Him! Didn’t they realize that I wanted 
to be like Jesus and I wanted to please God, but I simply couldn’t do it? 
Didn’t they realize that if I could imitate Jesus, He would not have 
had to come?”
Excerpts from Sidetracked in the Wilderness by Michael Wells

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