Monday, March 26, 2012

THe Christian Experience--Part Three

“Why was it that Christianity was so difficult for me? Why is it 
that many of us strive for years to attain spirituality through 
a sequence of methodologies, programs,and techniques; 
and when blueprints for success fail, we give up and resign 
ourselves to a life of mediocrity, frustration, and regression? 
Is this the abundant life of which our Lord spoke? Did He 
speak of a life of defeat, turmoil, self-effort,endless entreaties
 for joy, and bondage to emotions, thoughts and sinful behaviors
 for all who would dare to call upon His name? Was the life 
that He came to give characterized by conflict in families, 
endless trips to counselors, and depression so deep that 
many would wish to be taken out of this life in order to gain
 some measure of relief?... ‘Accept Jesus Christ today 
so you will not go to hell in the future. Jesus died for your sins, 
now work hard to please Him.’"
"The cry of many is, ‘I cannot please God; I cannot change. How do I get out of 
the hell that I live in daily?'”
Excerpts from Sidetracked in the Wilderness by Michael Wells

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