Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From Defeat to Victory

The Christian Life--Part Five
“If then it is so simple to live a defeated life, would it not be good news 
that it is equally easy to live the victorious life? What is the answer? It
is found in the simplicity of the gospel... The answer is not something we
must do but rather something we must believe! The great secret of success
that has been concealed from the majority of Christians far too long is this:

Christian growth is simply accepting what we have always had from the 
beginning, from the first day we gave our lives to Christ! And this simple 
life--the victorious life--will be experienced only through the abiding life.”

“Abundant life is not something to work for, but rather something given to
be worked from. My acceptance is not based on what I do but rather on
what I am. Abundant life does not require that I imitate Jesus, but rather
that I participate in His life; it does not require that I work to believe, but 
that I work because I believe. Be assured of this: If the abundant Christian 
Life requires great determination, self-will, intellect, talent, and ability, then
are we all too weak, blind, and stupid to ever arrive...God’s answer is 
specifically designed to be within the grasp of the weak, the failure, the 
unacceptable, the ignorant, the frustrated, and the hopeless. The answer
is the simplicity of the abiding life.
Excerpts from Side Tracked in the Wilderness by Michael Wells.
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