Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Heard God Laugh

Last week was the week of the missing. Every time I turned around 
something I wanted had vanished. This has been happening somewhat
more the past few years but last week was something else! Anyway, I
would look and then look again. Finally in exasperation I said to Him,
 “God, where is it?” Within minutes of this cry I found the 
missing object. This went on every day--even three or four times a
day.  It was a crazy busy week and I had not spent much time with my
Papa God. About the fourth day of this I said to Him, “I think You like 
it when I have to ask You to show me where the missing item is. 
I'm beginning to think that you have set this up so I will talk to You!” 
 I heard God laugh. 
Then I laughed too.
 Incredible to think how the Creator of the Universe is interested 
in the mundane; that He desires communication with me and the extent 
to which He will go so that we stay connected. 

AND, I sat down with Him today with an entirely different agenda. 
I had no intention of putting this down on paper!

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