Thursday, February 8, 2018

Unable To Do Good

That which is born of flesh is flesh; and that which
is born of the Spirit is Spirit. John 3:6

Too often we believers have a serious misconception--
imagining that while salvation comes to us freely, vic-
tory depends on ourselves. We know we cannot add
any merit or work of ours to obtain salvation. We
must simply come to the cross and accept the Lord
Jesus as our Savior. This is the gospel! We realize we
cannot be saved by works, yet we reason that for 
sanctification we must do good works after we are
saved. This is to say that though you cannot be saved
by works, you need to depend on works for victory.

Let me tell you that just as you are not saved by works, 
so you do not overcome by works. God has declared
that you are unable to do good. Christ has died for you 
on the cross, and He is now living for you within. That
which is flesh is flesh, and God rejects all that came
from it. Nevertheless, we usually surmise that while 
salvation is dependent upon the substitutionary death
of Christ on the cross, we should think of doing good,
should do good, and expect to do good for victory in 
our lives. 
Let us realize, though, that we can do NO good.
Victory is freely given us by God.
Watchman Nee 

Reader, this message does not resonate with the world,
or even with many churches. The Super Bowl ads were
full of 'how much we can achieve,' and 'we can be any-
thing we want to be,' ad nauseum. But God says in the
scriptures that we cannot please God by doing good
things in our own strength, but only as we walk in the
Spirit, letting Him live through us. Many of my blogs
say this in one way or another. I keep reading what pre-
vious Saints have said, what Scripture says, and then I
write it out for us to ponder.

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