Monday, February 26, 2018

Death Comes

He is dead
I am stunned, incredulous.
A strapping man of 63
There must be some mistake.
A clot to his lung.
Gone without saying goodbye to his wife.
What about eternity?
He was a man of action, a man who lived
   in the visible. He had no need for God, an
   invisible God.

Reader, I am in shock.
A man I texted about eggs has suddenly slipped
    into eternity, unprepared, not ready.
He intimidated me.
I did not speak of what I know.
Why should I go where I was not wanted?
Why indeed...

Bits from Psalm 90
A thousand years in Your sight are like
   Yesterday when it is past
    Like a watch in the night...
In the morning they are like
   Grass which grows up,
In the morning it flourishes
   And grows up,
In the evening it is cut down
   And withers...
We finish our years like a sigh...
The days of our lives--
   Soon cut off, and we
   Fly away...

So teach us to number our
That we may gain a heart of 

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