Friday, February 9, 2018

Slavery To Righteousness

Just as you used to offer the parts of your body in
slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wicked-
ness, so now offer them in slavery to righteous-
ness leading to holiness. Romans 6:19

It is ourselves that God wants. No gift of money,
time, service, or talents will meet the yearning of
His heart for ourselves. For God is love, and love
would above all things have the heart. Thus surren-
der is a transaction between Redeemer and re-
deemed, and whatsoever falls short of the sacred
gift of a yielded heart falls short of all. 

Even the heart of the poorest and most degraded 
shrinks from money when it needs love. How much
more so with the Lover of our souls. Silver and 
gold, time and talents, ministry, and service, are
acceptable to God as an accompaniment of surren-
der, but never as an evasion of it.

There are those who will give wealth, time and 
effort, but how in their secret hearts have never
yielded themselves to God. When in the silence
and secrecy of their own communion which God, 
this issue rises before them, they tremble and 
grow pale, and shrink back from this definite trans-
action with God. And yet if God is to be all to us, 
we must yield all to Him. James McConkey

Reader, here in the west we are busy to the point where
it is hard to stop and commune with a friend. Even now
I have a list of friends from Christmas that I need to
contact by phone. Our Lord wants our love, our atten-
tion to Himself more than He wants our service. He
wants our service to be an overflow of relationship an
outflow of surrender. The men and women of the 19th
century understood how surrender, trust and time,were
intertwined into their Christian walk.

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