Friday, February 23, 2018

Exceeding Great Promises

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and 
precious promises, that through these ye might
be partakers of the divine nature... 2 Peter 1:4 

We cannot too highly value and appreciate heart 
hunger for the Word. It is the Spirit of Truth. We 
may have been born again without knowing much 
of the Bible, but we certainly are not going to grow 
to any extent apart from a careful and persistent 
study of the Word of God. Yes, the maturing believer 
is a Spirit-dependent student of the scriptures.

Christian progress is not a question of attainting to
some abstract standard, or of pressing through to a 
far-off goal. It is wholly a question of seeing God's 
standard in God's Word. You advance spiritually by 
finding out what you really are (in Christ), not by 
trying to become what you hope to be. That goal 
you will never reach, however earnestly you may 

It is when you see you are dead unto sin that you 
die to it (daily); it is when you see you are risen that
you arise; it is when you see you are a new creature 
in Him that you (progressively) grow. Seeing the ac-
complished fact in the Word determines the pathway 
to the realizing of that fact. The end is reached by 
seeing, not by desiring or working. The only possi-
bility of spiritual progress lies in our discovering the 
truth as God sees it; the truth concerning Christ, the 
truth concerning ourselves in Christ. Watchman Nee

Reader, I continually come back to the truth that I
am IN Christ. There are far more scriptures depicting
what we have IN Christ than scriptures which speak
of His being in us. It was not until I began to under-
stand this that I began to grow in hope and faith.

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