Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Life

...I will tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence 
of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.
Luke 15:10

We cannot convey the Living Water to another heart
without being watered ourselves on the way. There 
is no joy more exquisite than the joy of leading a 
soul to Christ. Is is like the mother's strange intui-
tive rapture over her newborn baby.

The other day a precious friend passed through the 
gates of Heaven a few minutes after her baby was 
born. Out of her agony she gasped her last words, 
"How is my baby?"

Beloved, do you know the ecstasy of feeling the new 
life of an immortal spirit sweeping through your 
veins, as you kneel by the side of one just born to 
die no more, placed into your Savior?

You may know this joy, and every Christian ought to 
know it a hundredfold. It is the joy of angels, setting 
harps of heaven ringing, and surely it were strange 
if it were not the higher joy of ransomed saints.
A B Simpson

Reader, long ago I was researching the spiritual needs
of patients at an hospital. As I interviewed a number
of people, one or two stand out. There was a woman
in her early twenties who came into the hospital ex-
tremely sick from the treatment of the cancer, not the
cancer itself. Both the family and the patient thought
she was dying from cancer. In a room filled with e-
quipment--the utility room--,  I had the opportunity
share the Gospel with her and her response was pure
joy. I told her that the angels were rejoicing. She
looked up and said, "Have a blast!" She walked on air--
and so did I.

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