Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Praise Flows From Trust

It is good to praise the Lord.
Psalm 92:1

Nothing pleases God more than praise as part of
our prayer life, and nothing blesses someone who
praises as much as the prayer that is offered. I once
received a great blessing from this while in China.
I had recently receive bad news from home, and 
deep shadows of darkness seemed to cover my 
soul. I prayed but the darkness remained. I forced
myself to endure but the shadows only deepened.
then suddenly one day, as I entered a missionary's
home at an inland station, I saw these words on 
the wall: "Try giving thanks." So I did and in a
moment every shadow was gone, never to return.
Henry W Frost

Reader, I continue to be the one blessed by my own
blogs. I heard once that we believe what comes out
of our mouths, more than what others say. Praise
and thanksgiving flows from our trust in God. At
first it may feel like hypocrisy but as I continue to
worship it becomes real and I find that I do indeed
trust Him.

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