Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jesus Looked Up

Jesus looked up and said, Father, I thank you that 
You have heard me.  John 11:14

The sequence of events in this passage seems strange
and unusual. Lazarus was still in his tomb, yet Jesus'
thanksgiving preceded the miracle of raising him from 
the dead. It seems that thanks would only have been 
lifted up once the great miracle had been accomplished 
and Lazarus had been restored to life. But Jesus gave 
thanks for what He was about to receive. His gratitude 
sprang forth before the blessing had arrived, in an ex-
pression of assurance that it was certainly on its way. 
The song of victory was sung before the battle had 
been fought. It was the Sower singing the song of har-
vest--it was thanksgiving before the miracle!

Who ever thinks announcing a victory song as the 
army is just heading out to the battlefield? And where 
do we ever hear a song of gratitude and thanksgiving 
for an answer that has not yet been received?

Yet in this Scripture passage, there is nothing strange,
forced or unreasonable to the Master's sequence of
praise before the miracle. Praise is actually the most 
vital preparation to the working of miracles. Miracles 
are performed through spiritual power, and our spiri-
tual power is always in proportion to our faith. 
Henry Jewett

Reader, the 11th chapter of John is full of startling
words from Jesus. "This sickness is not unto death, 
but for the glory of God." "Did I not say that if you 
believe, you will see the glory of God?" "I am the 
resurrection and the life."

There is so much here. When I do not thank Him for
the way things are or seem to be, when I do not praise
Him because I misunderstand His work in my life, I
am diminished, and He is powerless. The first thing
we must do when our emotions cry, "hopeless," is to
look up!
And of course you know--emotions lie.

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