Thursday, June 9, 2016


'Remember Lot's wife. 
Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it.' 
Luke 17:32

'Had Lot's wife not left Sodom? Indeed she had. But 
her flesh still fed on Sodom's sweets, and so her heart 
had not left it, had not lost it.'

'To God, Sodom was only fit to be turned into a cinder;
to Lot's wife it was still worth saving. She still sought
to save her "life" from the falling fire--not her bodily
life--for she was already outside the city; but the things
of her desire, the things of the world that remained in

'She so loved that life and longed for it that she looked
back and lost it all--her life in Sodom and indeed, her 
bodily life; her all. There she stood, a pillar of salt, an
external warning to those who long after the flesh.'

My friend, the Lord is coming. What is your life? Is it
lived in the Spirit? Oh the power of the cross to sever
every relationship that would bind us to the flesh! We 
are debtors only to the Holy Spirit. Give the cross full 
place in your life; abandon yourself recklessly to the 
Crucified, for over His crucified life the flesh has not 
one speck of power. Let the cross seize you and sever 
you from that enthrallment with the flesh.

It's been said that "Every strong conviction ends by 
taking possession of us; it overcomes and absorbs us,
and tears us ruthlessly from everything else."
'Has the cross so seized upon your life?'

'If it has, you can live for self nevermore. Rather, you 
will cry out with a determined saint of yore, "Oh my 
God, hear the cries of one on whom Thou has had 
mercy and prepare my heart to receive whatever 
Christ has purchased for me. Allow me not to rest 
short of it."'
LE Maxwell (1895-1984)

'The most miserable person on the face of the earth is 
the Christian who is trying to enjoy both worlds.'
Edward Dennett (1831-1914)

'I am most joyously content that Christ would break all 
my idols to bits. It renews my love for Christ to see he 
is jealous of my love, and will have all to Himself.'
Samuel Rutherford. (1600-1661)

Reader, sometimes it is worthwhile to hear from those
who have lived before us. (I checked out the biographies
of these men, all prolific writers from Scotland, England
and Canada.)

It bothers me greatly that in Matt 25 there are ten virgins
but only five are able to go into the kingdom. All of them
are Christians, that is clear in the text, but five were not
ready to receive their Bridegroom. We are nearing the
midnight hour, are you ready?

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