Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Aspen Trees

When I lived in Colorado I loved to go into the
mountains in early fall and walk through the Aspen
groves. The round leaves turned early to a golden
color and they would twirl in the wind. What I did
not know then was that each of the trees was tied
together by the same trunk. The trees grew from
the trunk not from a seed. None of the trees looked
the same. Some were large and healthy and some
were small and spindly--but each was attached to the
other and were of the same source. The large healthy
looking ones, however, were the ones that tended to
fall in the high winds. They fell and became food
for the deer and a place of safety for the small

The question I am asking myself is whether or not
I would be willing to fall, fail, if it meant that others
would find life? The trees had no choice in this, and
really, neither do I.

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