Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finished; Complete

'And God saw everything that he had made and it 
was very good.' Genesis 1:31

God finished everything on the sixth day and He
declared it perfect. There was nothing more that
He could add to make it more perfect. The snake
told Eve that things were not perfect; that God was
holding out on her; she was missing out. The result
of this abominable deception can be observed
throughout history. Satan, through the sin of man,
has infiltrated all that God called very good.

One day God became Man, flesh and blood, in order
to reverse the curse that lay upon this earth. Jesus
was nailed to a cross and as He hung there,
He took into Himself--
Every sin you ever committed.
Every pain you have ever experienced.
Every sorrow and every grief weighing you down.
All of your transgressions.
All iniquities from the garden to the end of time.
Last of all, He took death itself into Himself.
He became united with us, our sin and shame, then
He said, 'IT IS FINISHED!'

Finished, complete, nothing left out, nothing lacking,
nothing left over. Do you hear this, reader? You can
add nothing. No good works, no longer prayer times,
no good behavior, no going to church, no reading the
Bible through each year--all in order to please God to
fill in that which was incomplete. Throughout the Age
of Grace the Snake has implied that this and that has
to be done, added, or you will miss out on God's
pleasure; even your salvation. So subtle.

God's part was to provide a complete, finished
Our part is to receive this salvation by faith.

When God finished His work on the sixth day, He
rested on the seventh day. When Jesus finished His
work on the cross, He rose into heaven and sat
down next to His Father and entered into rest. He
invites His kids to enter His rest.

'Whoever has entered God's rest has also rested
from his works as God did from His...strive to
enter His rest...  Hebrews 4:10,11

Well, reader, I would venture to say that learning
how to abide in His rest is one of the most difficult
things for us to grasp; the most difficult to walk
out, but, so important!

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