Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dead, But Alive

"...count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in
Christ Jesus." (Rom. 6:11)

How do we count ourselves dead to sin? Does this
verse make sense in a culture that cannot call
anything sin? Think about it. Even today a dead
man does not have any desire for alcohol, drugs,
sex. He cannot. He is dead. Romans 6 says that,
we were united with Christ in death, then buried 
with Him. We were also united with Him in 
resurrection so that we might walk in newness 
of life.

The battle is in the mind. You see, as a Christian
you are positionally dead to sin, but alive to God.
However, the tempter comes and tells you that
you are powerless to break away from evil habits.
Remember, it is not a question of your own power,
but when you honestly repent of the wrongdoing
and turn to the Lord for divine help to overcome
your besetting sin, He will undertake for you. As
you reckon yourself to indeed be dead to sin, but
alive to God through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit
will work in you. He will cause you to triumph
over tendencies toward evil and give you the
power to live victoriously to the glory of God.

Reader, the Christian Life is not a passive life. We
do not win the daily battle lying down. It is first
of all knowing whose we are, what we have,
and then seeking God and His power to live in the
truth of that reality. Go for it!!!!

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