Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Celebration!

A few weeks ago we decided to make our 45th
Anniversary the big one--although we might
change our minds in five years! (Glen's parents
reached their 46th and then his dad died.) We
are in a small church where requests are usually
granted. We wanted hymns from our college days
when both of us were part of
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF). Not
only were the hymns granted, but we sang up
front bookended by our two singing pastors.
The congregation sang with us for many of them
knew the music. Glen's 91 year old Mom was
the accompanist. Ruth had been the choir director
and pianist for the church most of her adult life.
The offertory was a piece from our wedding
and was sung by two who had never heard the
song! It was beautiful. So sweet of them to do

I ducked out at that point to finish the planned
reception in the Fellowship Hall. Dear friends
were at work putting out delicious dishes they
had made to go with the cake. Even though it
was Labor Day Weekend, we had a full house.
The left overs consisted of four slices of a nut
bread and one slice of cake! Glen's brother,
Jim and his wife, Diane, came down from
Seattle for the long weekend.

I wish all my family and friends from over the
years had been with us on Sunday, but one day
we will be together for the biggest celebration
EVER. It is called, The Marriage Supper of
the Lamb.

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