Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Big Untold Story

The Following was reported by Joel Rosenberg today:

"Since last Yom Kippur, millions of Jews have begun
searching for the Messiah, and for atonement of their sins."

"Sundown today begins Yom Kippur, The Day of
Atonement. It is the highest holy day on the Jewish
calendar, and one of great Biblical, historical and
cultural importance to my people."

"God, through Moses called the Jews to this feast to be held
once a year by fasting, prayer, and the sacrifice of a perfect
animal. It was a day unto the Lord characterized not only by
blood but by humility and confession of sins to a merciful
God. In 70AD, the temple was destroyed by Rome and since
then there has been no provision for the covering of sin for
the Jew."

"We as Christians know that the perfect Lamb was sacrificed
on the cross forty years before the Temple was destroyed.
In 1973 there were fewer than 2,000 people who recognized
Jesus as their Messiah. Today some 300,000 have received
Jesus as their sacrificial Lamb. Not only that but, millions
of Jews are searching for the Messiah and thus reading
Hebrew prophecies, and comparing them with the writings
of the New Testament, and trying to decide whether Jesus
really is the Messiah we have desperately longed for over
so many centuries."

Reader, click on the following video and watch a story that
is going viral in the Jewish Community and then pray that
God will reveal Messiah Jesus to His people, the Jew, as he
takes part in the rituals of this high holy Day.

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