Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Study of Paul

Thessalonians is not only the study of the people
and what they experienced as Christians, it is a
study of Paul. I am amazed by the man. He is
completely focused on one goal: declaring the
gospel in all its fulness to the gentiles so that
churches would be planted and grow. He had
no money of his own and refused to accept free
room and board. It was some time before the
early church thought to give money to Paul for
his journeys. Often there was no time to do so.
This highly educated Jew, full time Apostle,
was a seasoned tentmaker. Paul was unique in
at least two ways: he focused on the "unclean"
gentiles; he used his hands to support himself in
a common trade.

Today, in places where the west does not send
money overseas, the leadership finds ways to
support themselves. I am not suggesting that we
stop sending money or ask our pastors to become
tent makers, but can the western church today
learn something from Paul?

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