Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Is there hope in affliction? What good can come out
of it? Paul's words in 2Cor 1:3-11 are full of contrasts:

Mercy and Comfort vrs Great Affliction and Suffering.

Paul discovered through experience that his terrible
sufferig gave him the ability to comfort these
believers with tenderness and mercy. Something
had to take place within Paul in the midst of the trial
for him to be able to come alongside and lift them
up. There is nothing worse than to be "comforted"
by bitterness or ignorance!

So, what has to happen for us to walk through a
trial in such a way that we are a blessing instead
of a curse to one who is suffering. Well, have
you ever tried to comfort a flailing child? All arms
and legs and loud noises. If I refuse to be
comforted by God, then I have nothing to say.
But, if I surrender to a God I know and trust and
I experience His comfort in the midst of the pain,
then I can point others to a God who is full of
mercy, compassion and comfort; a God who is

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