Thursday, July 23, 2015

Abundant Sharing

Abundant sharing of what? Good question!

"For as we share abundantly in Christ's suffering,
so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort
too." (2 Cor 1:5)

Paul's affliction and deep suffering came from the
terrible rejection and physical abuse he suffered.
"He despaired of life itself."

The early church was a church that was continually
persecuted. It reminds me of the suffering being
experienced in Syria, Iran, Iraq today. I once read the
story of a woman who was slated to be fed to the
lions very soon and was in the process of giving
birth to a child. She cried out in pain. The soldiers
mocked her and asked her how she planned to
go into the lions den with her baby if she could
not tolerate the pain of childbirth. She retorted that
this was her pain, but the lions and that suffering
would be carried by her Lord Jesus.

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