Thursday, July 9, 2015

Family Fun Fourth

How grateful I am for family. Each year for the past
42 years, Glen's family has gathered together at his
parents house, now his Mom's house, to celebrate
the Fourth of July. It started with two couples and no
kids and morphed into four couples and nine kids.
But this year saw four couples, seven grandchildren,
and four great grandchildren plus a few odd cousins.
Twenty two in all. It was a blistering time, literally,
so the only outside we had was the holiday itself.
The rest of the days were packed into one small
house. Three puzzles, three batches of chocolate chip
cookies, three berry pies, countless sodas and ice tea,
board games and Skip Bo filled that space.

Sunday came and people began to leave so that by
Tuesday afternoon we were left with only dirty
dishes, dirty linens and some terrific memories!

I thank God for the present and look forward to
the future with great anticipation when the word,
'goodbye' will be left behind and forgotten.

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