Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Stormy Night

Do you remember lying on your back looking up
at the sky and finding a variety of shapes? "Look,
there is a turtle! I see a fish. Over there is a mountain."

A few nights ago we had a thunder storm and out
of that storm came some women who had gathered
to study the Bible. Each of the women came in
different cars from different directions. Three of
them reported that there was a large angel over our
house right in the midst of the storm. Wings spread
out across the sky; his robe coming down to the
ground, his face full of light. The picture taken did
indeed show the figure of a huge angel, but did not
do it justice according to the reports.

So, what was that all about? At the very least it is
a picture of God's power and that He does indeed
send angels to protect us, to keep us safe in times
of danger. Sometimes I need a visible expression of
his care and I will not soon forget what three women
saw as they came to our house on a stormy night.

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