Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Childlike Wonder

We have had almost one week of a three year old.
The weather has been cool with plenty of Idaho
sunshine, but threatens us with 100 degrees today.
The three year old finds joy in everything--well,
almost everything. Noah brings life to the adults who
have forgotten what childhood is all about. His little
hand came in contact with a one week old goat. That
same hand steered a John Deere Tractor working the
fork lift as he helped drive around the parking lot.
Those hands worked a tractor puzzle numerous times a
day, with the help several adults who rotated through.
The train was a continuous source of delight. He held
a fishing pole at the local fishing pond, but caught
nothing. Perhaps night crawlers would make a
better bait, than ham.

I hear him calling. "I'm awake now. I want to go
potty now." Ah, Glen answered the call.

Last evening we had some friends over and with
them came four little boys who ranged from 5-10.
Sarah told Noah that friends were coming to play with
him. They scattered to explore, leaving the littlest one
alone. There he stood on the step yelling, "Friends,

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Audrey said...

Lol! I love Noah! Ham for bait :-)