Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Name

The Lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.

What Lord?
What is He like?
Is He the only Lord?
Is He the top Lord?
What does this Name mean?

When I look into a verse instead of just at
a verse, I often have more questions than
answers and the questions become the basis
of my quest.

Lord=Jehovah: To be, to always exist,
self existent, eternal, unique, the only One.

This Name was so sacred to the Jews that
they neither pronounced it or wrote it out.
But David did both! He declared: "The
Lord (Jehovah) is my shepherd."

As a Jewish boy, David heard all the stories
about this God: how he created the heavens
and the earth; how He brought the flood on
the earth; how He came down upon Mt Sinai
with a trumpet, earthquake and fire! David
also heard how God saved Noah out of the
flood; how God called Abraham; how God
appeared to Moses out of the burning bush.

Yes, David knew all about the God of the
Jews, but one day, as David was tending
his sheep, God came and revealed Himself
to David as a shepherd. The shepherd David
had a revelation of an aspect of God that no
one had ever seen before.

Dearest reader, you can know all about God
in the same way you can know all about
George Washington, but it won't carry you
through the pain and inconsistencies of life.
May God reveal Himself to you personally.

Thankfulness Corner:
Grass, two chairs, two cups of coffee and Glen

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