Monday, July 14, 2014

Over So Soon?

The past two weeks I stepped out of the present and
into the past. It has been a full house here and at
"the place" where Glen's Mom lives. Numbers varied:
six, nine, twelve, thirteen, to twenty, then, back to
twelve, nine, six, and three. For the past twenty or so
years it has been the same. Mom puts out a list on the
kitchen table, and her son's come with the tools to fix,
trim, cut down--and food, lots of it! (This year it was
a new kitchen faucet, the clearing of the bank next to
the river; the hedge along the driveway cut back; built
in deck furniture taken apart and moved.) A puzzle
comes out. A niece arrives and bakes pies, cookies and
cinnamon rolls. Even so, brown cows are made nightly
with root beer and vanilla ice cream then served in large
beer mugs kept year round just for this purpose. As the
hot days melt into evenings, games appear, bedtimes are
pushed back. Mornings are never early! And so it goes.

Over? So Soon? Some things in life feel like they
should never end and times with family and good
friends are at the very top. I think it is because we
belong to eternity as well as to time. We "know"
deep inside that relationships are meant to be forever.

Thankfulness Corner:
The taste of cold tea on a hot day.

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