Thursday, July 3, 2014


Forty two years ago, two unmarried and two married
brothers, and their brides, gathered over the 4th of
July to spend a week with Mom and Dad. A picture
was taken. Summers passed, sons married, babies
came, laughter flowed--and the double wide trailer
over a double wide basement, overflowed into the
house next door, an RV, a motel. Nine grandchildren
in all. Each summer a toy closet was unpacked by
eager hands; a pool table took on a life of its own
to the sounds of click, click. Outside, under large trees,
children squealed as they ran down the hill, as they
floated on a pond originally made for fish. The 4th
of July itself was one long picnic ending with a fire
works show in the backyard--serious stuff! And,
yes, each year a picture was taken.

The Dad/Granddad dies, the children grow up and
move away. Gone are the sounds of children's
laughter. But wait, not so fast! The Great Grands
come, pull out the toys, play on the pool table,
float on the pond, run the hill. A picture is taken.

Pictures pile up. Happy memories flow.

Thankfulness Corner:
For the moments of family and laughter

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