Monday, July 21, 2014


"He makes me to lie down in green pastures."

Rest: To pause, to cease, stop, be quiet, still,
          to be undisturbed. 

I recently came across a picture of a man lying
on his back in green grass, with his arms flung
out and his eyes closed. It was a picture of
perfect trust and surrender. He was resting.

How can I rest when my heart is anxious?
How can I rest when my schedule is full?
How can I rest when I have so many needs?

I used to think that God threw us on the ground
and pinned us down so we had to rest! But it is
not like that at all. The Gospel is a place of rest,
of abiding. I eat the green grass of His Word, and
meditate on it, and I receive Life. My schedule
can be full, but my heart can be at peace. Our
journey is an inward one, which means that we
can find ever increasing rest in the midst of an
increasingly chaotic world.

Papa, if You did not initiate the "pause that
refreshes," I would never rest.

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Audrey said...

Thanks Miss Jane! i really needed that this week!