Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Job? Why Now?

Yesterday morning I was sitting in Connect Group, listening. 
Difficult situations were mentioned for prayer. Two tragic 
stories were shared--permanent, life altering, heartbreaking. 
Last year America was plagued by destructive drought, fires, 
tornadoes and Hurricane Sandy. In December a super storm 
with 162 MPR winds hit the Philippines. Christians are perused 
and persecuted in many countries around the world. Syria is in 
meltdown. All of these events, named and unnamed, are life 
altering to those individuals affected by them. Each person has 
a name, a history, friends, enemies, jobs, families. I can find “Job” 
everyday just by reading the news.

Questions asked in Job:

Why was I born?
What is my purpose here?
Is God good?
Is God fair?
Is God in control?
Why do the innocent suffer?
Is God trustworthy?
Does God care about ME?
Is He aware of my suffering?
Do I have to be perfect to get His help?

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