Monday, February 25, 2013

The Lake Draped in Winter

On Saturday Glen and I walked around the lake in the early morning. 
Last winter for some reason, the lake was lifeless, but this year it is 
full of birds coming and going. 
Can you guess what the irritant is in the last line?

Mist falling, 
Drops of water sliding off branches become big splashes.
The lake reflects shaded, muted light.
A flash of red reveals a Cardinal, who sings his spring song.
Three drakes decorated in vivid colors are followed by the hens.

Ten Mergansers are diving, the males showing off their hoods of 
white on black, each sitting on brown inner tubes made of feathers.

Two white gulls are fishing.
A Kingfisher sits on a branch overlooking the lake, waiting, watching--
Our Beautiful Blue Heron suddenly lifts off and floats across the water.
Amidst the beauty are four fowl fiends with imperial necks and sharp beaks.

So you see, dear reader, I digressed from Job to ponder the wonder 
of the world that God created and sustains.  
But, it fits perfectly as you will see...

See the new story: “Grieving.”  

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