Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This One Hits Home!

I love Michael Wells as he is concentrates on the simplicity of Christ in the 
Believer’s life. This is what I read this morning:
He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30
How does one take the smallest particle and make it smaller?
By exploding it! The nucleus of the atom is a very small thing,
and yet it can be made smaller through an explosion.
There is a lesson here for all that would decrease that God 
might increase. The smallest bit of self-life will be made 
smaller only after God magnifies it through an explosion.

“Oh, I was doing so well loving God and walking in holiness,
and then you entered the room. I can walk perfectly well with
Jesus until you enter the room. I do not really have any problems,
and am walking in the Spirit, until you enter the room.” 

Though we do not like being confronted with it, whenever a “you” in
our life enters the room, our self-life explodes! We did not think
that we had a self-life that ugly until it was inescapably revealed
to us. We need not be discouraged or avoid the present situation,
when we see God and have a move in Him. He is only exploding
self so that it might decrease in us. We can simply acknowledge
to Him the flesh when we grasp our weak inability to love. We
decrease that he might increase.
My Weakness for His Strength
Volume One
Michael Wells, Abiding Life Ministry

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