Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grieving Forward

This past week I read two books on Grieving and would like to
share them with you the next two days.
Grieving Forward
Embracing Life Beyond Loss 
by Susan Duke
Susan is a Mom whose first born son, her only son, was suddenly
killed in an automobile accident. In the book she describes her
raging emotions, the shock and disbelief when the doctor came 
and said, “I’m so sorry but we couldn’t save your son.” Susan was
under the impression that his only injury was a broken leg. This son 
of hers was 18 and loved life; he was a real joy to her. Susan takes her 
readers through the first few weeks describing in detail, the physical
and emotional impact of her sudden loss. She then introduces
us to the long journey through grief and anger to the point where her 
needs become a springboard bringing hope to many grieving
Moms. None of it was easy. It was not a short process and the
pain is still very real.

I have heard it said that at first pain will sit on top of you, then it
walks beside you, finally you walk on it--but it never entirely goes
away. Loss brings change, change that is permanent and to be
able to find new meaning a purpose in life is not easy.

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