Wednesday, May 30, 2012

God is Able

We are coming up on 42 years of Marriage--to each other. It has been
a hard slog, but divorce was never an option for either one of us. I was
38 and married ten years before I decided to grow up and take responsi-
bility for myself and my actions.Until then I was perfectly content to let
someone else handle my life including the training of my children. After
all what is the church for? The decision to grow up and become an adult
was a major turning point but change came rather slowly. I felt inadequate
on the inside as one who only had value to God, but who often doubted
God’s pleasure and acceptance of her. I was deeply into performance, but
things kept coming up to show me how poorly I played that game! The 
unfilled needs--holes-- of things like love, worth, acceptance, adequacy 
and security drove all of my relationships. Even though I have been a 
Christian since childhood, I only realized over the past ten years,
 WHO I AM IN CHRIST. He is the only source for getting my needs met.
This unfolding revelation is changing all of my relationships including the
one with Glen. God has been part of every twist and turn. 
My God is able!

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