Thursday, May 24, 2012

Psalm 22

Surely David is amazed by what he wrote the day Psalm 22 was
penned. One writer I know writes that all the words of scripture
were spoken by the Father to the Son and by the Son to the Father
before time!
So, here we are centuries before Jesus goes to the cross, and yet
the cry goes up to the Father--in the present tense. But then, God
dwells outside of time. I picture them standing together where the 
Lamb lies dead before the foundation of the world. While at the 
same time, they watch Jesus as He is being crucified.
The Father has his arm around His Son, 
holding Him fast 
as Jesus watches and speaks:
“My God, My God, WHY have you forsaken Me?
WHY are you, my dearest Papa, so far from seeing
me, even deaf to the words of my anguish? I cry to You
but all I hear is the echo of an empty room. I find no
rest day or night. I am like a worm; not even a man.
I am scorned by men and despised. You, Papa, were
there at my birth and I trusted You back then. You
were my God from that point on.
Oh, God, be not far from me, for trouble is near
Ps 22:1,2,6,9,10,11 loose translation by Jane
Papa, as I meditate on this scene I am amazed by the
anguish expressed by my Lord. The whole picture is
beyond my understanding. As the day progresses 
something begins to happen and I think us as your kids. 
Groaning in the agony of circumstances does NOT 
mean I don’t have faith. I can fully express my emotions 
to You without denying my trust in You. How often I have 
stuffed down my emotions fearful of Your displeasure. 
I have the freedom to ask why...

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